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We are a centralized platform for BCG alumni to unlock career potential, success and level up in the startup ecosystem

About us

Platform for BCG alumni who have a passion for start-ups whether it is founding one or investing in them.


👉🏼 Our goal is to be a valuable resource for like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, provide/look for mentorship, recruit candidates and funding.


The group currently includes founders, investors, tech executives and so on. The group is moderated by BCG alumni, all opinions are personal and do not reflect BCG’s views


We are a tight knit community who believe in paying it forward

4,000+ members globally, monthly networking events, co-working days and peer : peer support channels

Meet our community members below (non-exhaustive!) 👇🏼

Join our BXGers Virtual Community

Investment syndicates

Our investment syndicates are established to help our community entrepreneurs raise capital. Current syndicates are BCG Angels (US, EU, ID) and BXG Angels (ANZ)

Note: only Ex and current BCG founders and warm referals accepted

We invest with our 💖s with 1% of invested funds going to charity

Organising team

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